A Look At The Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat

Every parent wCombi Zeus 360 Infant Car Seatants what is best for their child. When it comes to car seats there are a myriad of choices. One that is easy to install and designed to protect your child from impacts is the Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat.

The Combi Zeus 360 has a unique 360 degree turn that allows you to position the seat facing any direction. This means you can seat your baby in the Combi Zeus while the car seat is facing sideways towards you, and then turn the seat around so that your baby is rear-facing during travel for maximum protection. This also means taking your baby out of the seat is also very easy, even if he or she is sleeping. Simply rotate the seat until you find the position that is easiest for you to lift up your child.

Let’s have a look at what parents say about the Combi Zeus 360:
•    “This car seat is amazing. It is so awkward to get a baby in a rear facing car seat. This seat allows you to turn it any way is most comfortable for you, plop your baby in and buckle up, and then rotate it to rear-facing.”
•    “The car seat is comfortable and reclines at an angle so that even tall toddlers (like mine) can sit rear facing without their legs being terrible jammed into their stomach.”
•    “Your baby will feel like Captain Kirk in this tall car seat. Our one-year-old loves to look out the window of our SUV when we’re out driving. He sits as high as an adult in this wonderful, fully featured car seat. We all love it.”

The seat holds children up to 33 pounds while rear-facing and 40 pounds while forward facing. As the seat is able to rotate a full 360 degrees there’s no need to re-install the seat when going from a rear-facing to forward-facing position.

The Combi Zeus 360 features “Tru-Safe” Side Impact Protection with EPS foam and a five-point harness system with additional padding. The Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat is available in Licorice or Chestnut. It makes getting your child into the car seat a breeze. It’s super comfy and will help protect your child on the road.

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